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Hue city overview

Ngày đăng: 07/02/2018

Situated in the Central Vietnam, Hue City was the capital of the last Vietnamese monarchy and is the only place that still preserves many of the historical, cultural, architectural and artistic values of the whole nation. The huge cultural heritages of material historical vestiges and non-material Hue imperial music are highly valued both nationally and internationally and are recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Hue is surrounded by both northern and southern natural environments, a land with mountains, plains, waters and sea, all of which feature a full range of beautiful and fresh natural scenery. Hue people are famous for their elegance, mild manner and ethical behaviors of the land of the old capital city. Hue is also a religious centre of Vietnam with hundreds of well-known and age-old pagodas as well as numerous catholic churches. The combination of all these elements has long made Hue celebrated as a first-class city of tourism in Vietnam and all over the world.