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Citadel Restaurant

Citadel Restaurant, accommodating up to 40 guests, with the interior decorated uniquely, elegantly and meticulously in royal style will make our Valued guests be the happiest Kings and Queens. In addition, with sophisticated and eye-catching decoration in combination with food taste, it is sure to bring you satisfaction and unforgettability.
Location : Lobby level
Opening : on request

Cat Dang Bar

Overlooking the Perfume River, it serves refreshing cocktails and delightful range of snacks.
Location  :  Lobby level
Opening  :  10:00am- 22:00pm



Terrace Restaurant

With a capacity of 100-150 seats, is warmly decorated with wooden furniture in Asian style. It owns an extremely beautiful view toward Perfume River. Buffet breakfast is available every day. Hue traditional dishes or Western food are served here.

Riverside Restaurant

Riverside restaurant is surrounded by tropical flowers, toward to Perfume River. With the capacity of 230-350 guests, it can serve both Asian and Western dishes. It is suitable for banquet to big groups.
Location : Ground floor
Services : Set menu, Bufffet, BBQ
Opening : 7:00am-22:00pm

Imperial Restaurant

Imperial Restaurant serves guests with a variety of food. With food ingredients and seasonings, all dishes are as authentic as they could be, meticulously prepared by famous chefs. Its capacity is 40-50 guests
Location  :  Lobby level
Services   :  Set menu, Buffet, BBQ
Opening  :   10:00am- 22:00pm

VIP 3 lounge

With the capacity of 30-40 guests, located on the ground floor, a large lounge views toward the pool With its luxurious design, high-class, nutritious & fresh drinks and delicious dishes will bring you wonderful meals, unforgettable meetings with friends, or precious moments of relaxation.
Location   :   Ground floor
Services    :   Set menu, A’ la carte
Opening   :  10:00am- 22:00pm

Full House Restaurant

Built on the bank of the Perfume River, its capacity reaches 750-800 guests. The front is a green pasture and swimming pool in combination with its mordern equipment and facilities, it is an ideal place to hold weddings, mice or big events.
Location :  The left of the hotel by the bank of the Perfume River
Opening :  10:00am- 22:00pm