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Unforgettable moments
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Perfume River is the most beautiful and charming one in Hue city. A deep-lying flow and blue water brings happy feelings when thinking of it. Since the ancient times, everyone must have heard at least once about the charming  beauty of the Perfume River in harmony with the poetic beauty of the Trang Tien Bridge and Hue chanties on the river.

We have heard somewhere in our soul the shadow of Hue girls with Hue conic hats and purple Vietnemse dresses.

Referring to the Perfume River is the reminding  to the flow of harmony and dignity of the souls of many generations. Hue people with the cultural feature  “unique” from voice, gestures, songs … and also the thoughtful  traits but specific also makes original but still retain the tradition. This place has nourished and beautify the soul of many writers, poets and visitors even though they sometimes set foot in Hue.

And how proud when Century Hue Hotel is leaning by the romantic Perfume River. With a romantic and lyrical space, Century Hue Hotel has made wonderful  moments for guests by the small parties for lovers or Buffets,  BBQ  parties are held at the swimming pool overlooking the Perfume River. With an airy space in harmony with the colorful nature, you will surely feel the unforgettable moments that no place is as it is in Century Riverside  Hotel Hue.